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Freelance Composition

I’m a composer and songwriter. I record, mix and master my compositions myself. I’m a multi-instrumentalist and usually record real instruments with the occasional use of MIDI. I often incorporate elements of sound design, such as samples, extracts of field recordings and speech. 

Please find examples of my freelance work and original songs below.


Musical realisation of a shirt pattern design by one NODE, a Norwegian clothes company. The brief requested that design be represented musically through a combination of ‘literal’ conversion of images into music and a more interpretative translation.

In the Midst of the Sea
In the Midst of the Sea (Remix)

Credits: design by Julia Kröner Venø, animation by Daniele Piscitello.

The Forgotten Room

Music for a 3D concept by the illustrator and 3D artist Mathilde Heu. The brief required a sound effect to accompany the turning of the reversible faces on the picture frames.

Credits: 3D environment art by Mathilde Heu.

A Roarsome Winter

Music for an AR installation in Harrods for the outdoor clothing company Roarsome. The ten second loop of wintery music accompanied an animation displayed in a converted telecabin as part of a shop display.

Credits: illustration by Mathilde Heuanimation by Maria Piva

Podcast Music

Music for an as-of-yet unreleased podcast in association with Chatham House on the subject of climate change. The brief required a main theme and several other short pieces to represent different moods.

Main theme


Harry Anne Linseed (2021)

Album of original songs that I wrote, performed and produced during the 2021 lockdown. Composing songs and self-producing recordings of them has always been a central part of my music-making, and I’m currently working on another album.

Haunted Keep
Harvest Festival
I Was Walking again in Dreamland
Don't Let The Weather Bring You Down
Fall Of The Granite Man
Lullaby (For Some Sleeps)
Ever Since Greenwich

Ocmundtune-mastix & Now (2019)

People Doing Things (2017)